"How many cards are there in the world ...?"

While working as a publisher specializing in cards, such a question suddenly came up. A few years later, the concept of "The Card Museum" was born.

Always, about 1,000 kinds of cards are displayed here . We are aiming for a place that is not found anywhere else in the world, where you can understand the "past" and "future" of world cards.


About business content

"Everything about cards" is our job. Focusing on the publication and distribution of cards, we have a wide range of topics such as copyright management and media support.

Museum information

"Isn't it possible to create a place where you can actually pick up and touch cards from all over the world?" This thought has taken form as our "The Card Museum"

Company History

"Which card company represents Japan that has been recognized in the global card market?" Our history is the daily accumulation of becoming such a company.