~ 2001-2003 First term ~ Founding and encounter with cards

At the time of our founding, we worked on various jobs with the goal of “I don’t like the job I was asked to do and accept any job!” One of the successful jobs was to distribute cards. This is the connection between our company and the card.



Founded in Nishigotanda on January 31st.

Hyundai Omote founded Visionary Company Co., Ltd. in Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku. Founded by renting a part of a company run by seniors in college. The head office was a telephone with a fax function and a signboard made of cardboard.

At the time of its founding, it started with the main business of producing magazines and pamphlets related to the spiritual world and spirituality. This year, he was commissioned to produce the “Angel Card” series, which had just landed in Japan, and this will have a major impact on his later business.



Started wholesale sales of healing goods

Started a business to wholesale healing goods such as the “Angel Card” series that just landed in Japan. Initially, it was developing sales channels by diving into each house. We will start by outsourcing to 10 stores, mainly in Tokyo, such as natural stone, flower essence, and aromatherapy stores.


Moved to Iidabashi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo for business expansion
(second office move)

Since the office at the time of establishment was a 2DK rental condominium, it will be relocated to an office building of 17 tsubo. Around this time, there were four employees. All were personal acquaintances of the representative.



Over 500 wholesale transaction records

Around this time, the number of trading stores increased dramatically as a result of the boom in “angel cards” and sales activities using direct mail. However, as the number of transactions increases, the problem of inventory storage becomes apparent. I just moved in the previous year, but I am forced to move to a new office.

~ 2004-2005 Second term ~ Business expansion, overseas to look for cards that have not been seen yet

It turns out that the world of cards revolves around Europe, the United States and Australia. It was a time when we repeatedly visited these countries and sought “what will happen to the card market in Japan in the future?”



Moved to 1-chome, Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo for business expansion
(third office move)

Move from the previous office across the road. The area is 28 tsubo. There will be a reception space and inventory storage space, which will form the body of the office. Around this time, the number of employees will increase significantly due to business expansion.


Import of overseas version tarot

Since there were many transactions that requested the handling of tarot cards, we signed a distributor contract with the long-established Italian tarot maker Lo Scarabeo. After that, we expanded our business to manufacturers in various regions such as U.S. Game (USA) and AGM (Switzerland).



Looking for a card I haven’t seen yet …

Travel abroad for research to find new opportunities. Participate in spiritual events in the United States and Germany and get up-to-date information. Take on challenges such as advertising in English in American magazines. Meanwhile, a publishing contract was signed with Canadian card publisher Duguay Production (Headquarters: Montreal).


Reorganized from a limited company to a joint-stock company

It was a limited company from the time it was founded, but it was reorganized into a joint-stock company on the occasion of card publishing. The capital will be increased to 10 million yen and the registration will be changed to Visionary Company Co., Ltd.

~ 2006-2007 Third term ~ Start publishing cards that have not landed in Japan one after another

After repeated visits overseas, I started publishing Japanese versions of overseas cards. Cards from countries unfamiliar to Japan such as Canada and Australia will appear. It is also the stage where the stage has changed from the card distribution industry to the publishing industry.



Translate overseas cards and start selling as Japanese version

The Japanese version of “Hikari no Message Card” (written by Mario Duguay), the first translation card, is on sale. Immediately after its release, it became a hit, and six months later, the second series, “Message Card of Life,” will be published.


Looking for an Australian card …

When the Oracle card landed, most of the cards originated in the United States, so I turned my eyes to Australia. Meanwhile, we conclude a publishing contract with the local largest company, Blue Angel Publishing (Headquarters: Melbourne).


Japan’s first healing goods guidebook “Healing Goods” released

Around this time when “spiritual” became a boom, the mook book “Healing Goods”, which thoroughly dissected “healing goods” and “Oracle cards”, was released. The appendix includes the work of Andy Lakey, who was popular as an angel painter at that time.



Japanese version of Oracle Card from Australia released

Japanese versions of unique Australian cards such as “Angel, God and Goddess Oracle Card” and “Angel Cat” are on sale. Since then, various works have been released.


Published a book summarizing Trump’s wisdom

Published “Card of Destiny”, a book that uses “Trump” as a tool to know for oneself.

~ 2008-2013 Fourth term ~ Start publishing original cards from Japan

As I worked on overseas cards, I began to think that I wanted to make a world-class card. During this period, cards from Japan were born under various themes, and some cards were sold all over the world.



Moved to Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo due to business expansion
(4th office relocation)

Moved to Kagurazaka due to a dramatic increase in the number of products and business partners we handle. The area is 55 tsubo. The office will also have a showroom for wholesale customers.


The blockbuster “Japanese God Card” series is on sale

While there were many translations of Western cards, the idea of making an Oracle card from Japan was born. Meanwhile, the “Japanese God Card” with the motif of Japanese mythology was born. It will be an exceptional hit with over 150,000 copies in the series. The series has been a long-selling product until now, with English and Taiwanese versions being made.


Over 2,000 stores selling healing goods wholesale

Not only the boom of Oracle cards, but also the boom of online shopping and the boom of entrepreneurship, the number of wholesalers of products increases every year, exceeding 2,000 stores.


Released original cards by foreign authors

Published an Oracle card from Japan by an author living in Hawaii. English is also published in the guidebook, and it becomes popular overseas.



Japanese version of Oracle Card from England released

Signed a card copyright agreement with spiritual leader Diana Cooper, who is active mainly in Europe. The Japanese version will be published with “Atlantis Card” as the first work.



Exhibited at “Tokyo Gift Show”

Exhibited for the first time at the “Tokyo Gift Show”, an international trade fair for gifts and household goods.


A card with a strong color of psychotherapy is born

Published the Japanese version of “Inner Child Card”, which was popular as “Healing Inner Child”. The author, Isha Lerner, often gives lectures in Japan after that.


Released canned tarot cards

Released “Macaron Tarot” featuring pop and cute illustrations. This tarot is popular as a canned card, which is rare in Japan.



Japanese version of Oracle Card from Australia released

Contracted Japanese rights for Mr. Lucy Cavendish, who is popular in Australia. Released one after another with “Shadow & Light Oracle Card” and “Shape Shifter Oracle Card”.


Tarot card with full-scale guidebook released

Released the Japanese version of the tarot “Legacy of Tarot” with a full-scale guidebook published in the United States.



“Japanese God Card” series released

The sequel to the “Japanese God Card”, the “Japanese God Card” will be on sale. The Taiwanese version of this card will be released later.


To the world market

Released the Oracle card “Whisper of Love” by British fantasy painter Josephine Wall. Later, it will be released in seven countries, including the English version, German version, and Czechoslovak version.


Released a large card that can be displayed as an interior

Published the Oracle card “Kojiro Kotonoha Card” with a special frame.


Published a palm-sized Oracle card

Published the work of spiritual artist Eremaria as an Oracle card. As a palm-sized card, it is popular for appraisals at cafes.


Launched Austrian Oracle Card

Until then, overseas versions of Oracle cards were mainly from the United States and Australia. Released the Japanese version of card creators who are active in Europe.



Expressing Indian yoga philosophy in the world of cards

Released the Indian yoga scripture “Bhagavad Gita Card”. Transactions with new stores such as yoga studios and yoga schools will begin.


“Visionary Online”, a purchasing site for businesses, has started.

As the number of wholesale healing goods stores increases, all operations are now online. Started business as “Visionary Online”.


Lecture / workshop business started

From this year, we will start holding lectures and workshops on cards. Along with that, a dedicated application site “Ticket Reception Center” will be started.

~ 2014-2018 5th period ~ Continue to answer “Troubles about cards”

“I want to make a card, what should I do?” “I have a card I don’t use, can you pick it up?” “Can I see the contents of the card?” It was a time when I was giving one answer. It is also at the stage where the stage has changed from the card publishing industry to the comprehensive service industry.



Moved to Shinjuku 1-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo due to major reorganization of operations
(fifth office relocation)

The business from the time of establishment will be significantly organized and reviewed. Along with that, it moved to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. It began to display cards in the office space and became the forerunner of the current “card museum”.


Started providing services for producing original cards

We will provide full-scale guidance on original card production support, such as lectures for creating original cards, individual consulting to solve questions about card production, and creation of guidebooks that summarize card production know-how.


Published a food-themed Oracle card

“Healing Food Oracle Card”, a food oracle card that is unique in the world, is on sale. Transactions such as natural food stores and macrobiotics are expanding.


Publish a tarot with meaning written on the card

Tarot “Let’s!” Answers needs such as “I’m not good at remembering the meaning of tarot cards”. Published “Tarot”. It gains popularity as an epoch-making card with meaning written on the card.



Started providing “card reuse” service

Let go of “cards you no longer use” and “cards that don’t suit you” and deliver them to the person who wants them. Started “card reuse” activities. As a service that is unique in the world, we are expanding our business domain one after another, such as “card exchange meeting” and “card purchase”.


Released card-related DVD

“Japanese God Card” “Let’s! DVDs related to cards such as “Tarot” are released one after another.


Published a card with the theme of “Japanese youkai”

Released “Japanese Youkai Card”, a card that allows you to see the darkness inside you. As an Oracle card that is not just a positive message, it is extremely popular with some fans.


Published as a card by the wisdom of ancient Lemuria

The kingdom “Lemuria” is said to have prospered in ancient times. Published “Remurian Card”, which summarizes the wisdom on a card.


“Japanese God Card” Japanese wisdom practice communicator training course started

The “Japanese God Card” has been a long-selling product since its release in 2008. We will hold a full-scale course to train the official leaders and instructors of this card.



Obtained an antique dealer license and started developing a purchase service

Earn an antique dealer license to provide a card purchase service. Started a purchase service specializing in cards. As an expert assessment that cannot be assessed by ordinary secondhand book dealers, it has been supported by many repeaters to date.


Covered in the special feature “Card therapy to solve problems and build relationships of trust” in the magazine “Therapist” (BAB Japan Publishing Bureau).

Supervised a special article on Oracle Card. The article from the perspective of the therapist taking in cards was new, and this issue sold unprecedentedly.


Published a catalog covering Oracle cards

Published a comprehensive catalog covering all Oracle cards sold in Japan. It is distributed in Japan and overseas as a catalog that can list the contents of the card.


Various products released as “Japanese God Card” series

From the long-selling “Japanese God Card”, a red stamp book, amulet bag, mobile phone cover, fortune teller, coloring book, etc. will be on sale.



Published a guide summarizing the basics of Oracle Cards

A guidebook that summarizes the basics of Oracle cards, “Oracle Cards from the Basics” and “Oracle Cards from the Basics” will be published.


Published a guide for beginners “Series to understand from the basics”

We will publish a tarot guide “Series that can be understood from the basics” that fits in the palm of your hand. Various themes such as “Introduction to Tarot Cards”, “Introduction to Tarot Cards”, “Introduction to Tarot Collection”, “Tarot and Numerology”, and “Tarot and Colors” will be published.



Japanese version of Oracle card from Italy released

The Japanese version of the popular Oracle card “Ceccoli Oracle Card” in Italy, the home of tarot cards, is on sale.


B2C site “Complete collection of Japanese Oracle & Tarot cards” completed

A B2C site created with the intention of “a site where you can exchange cards that do not match” and “a site where you can choose new or used items” has started.



Tarot cards released by popular fortune-tellers

Published the tarot card of Mr. Midori Fujimori, who has been active in the fortune-telling industry for many years and publishes many books on tarot cards.

~ 2019- 6th period ~ Begin to compile and disseminate the history of cards in Japan

Many cards that have been loved for a long time in Japan. Those histories will eventually disappear unless someone puts them together. We will compile and disseminate such history. It’s a grand theme, so I have no idea how many years it will take, but I will challenge every day.



Released “Cat Paw Tarot”, a tarot that depicts cats in a cute way.

Published an original tarot card with the title meaning “cat’s paws”


Release of “Japanese Esoteric Buddhism Card”, an Oracle card with the theme of esoteric Buddhism that has been passed down since ancient times

An Oracle card with the motif of esoteric Buddhism, which is said to have been conveyed by Kobo Ambassador Kukai, is on sale.


Moved to Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo due to business expansion
(6th office relocation)

Moved for the purpose of expanding workshop space, warehouse, and opening a museum. Until now.


Asakusa Tarot & Oracle Card Museum is born

The “Asakusa Tarot & Oracle Card Museum”, which displays domestic and foreign cards, is pre-born. Meetings that shape the future vision and outline will be repeated.


“Become friends with God! “Japanese God Picture Book” is on sale

Our representative book is on sale. Book clubs and mini-courses will be held all over the country from the release. This year, the number of courses is 120 times. Requests from shrines, schools, and cultural centers will also increase.



20th anniversary of founding

It has been 20 years since the company was founded.


Online course starts in earnest

Online courses will start in earnest amid the covid-19.


Completed Oracle Card Trilogy

“Universal Oracle Card” is born, the last of the Oracle Card trilogy.


Popular Oracle card reissued in new edition

An Oracle card with the theme of ancient wisdom “Akashic Records”. The card that had been discontinued has been renewed as a new edition. It was released by our company.